Moment 2 Darkest Day, But Eventually Saved

Frank Jonet
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August 15, 1933

Known as “The Darkest Day” in Packers history, the franchise goes into receivership in Brown County Circuit Court following a local jury’s award of $5,000 to spectator William Bent, who was injured from a fall in the City Stadium stands during a 1931 game.

Out of receivership 17 ½ months later, the franchise is reorganized as the Green Bay Packers, Inc. Court-appointed receiver Frank Jonet, along with a group of community leaders nicknamed “The Hungry Five,” helps raise more than $12,000 in the team’s second stock sale. Jonet was first involved with the team as office manager of the Indian Packing Co. in 1919.

While there were more than five individuals playing integral roles in assisting the franchise through such a troubling time, the “Hungry Five” by most historical accounts is comprised of Curly Lambeau, Andrew Turnbull, Lee Joannes, Dr. W. W. Kelly and Gerald Clifford.