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April 28, 1958

The board of directors elects Dominic Olejniczak team president, and he would serve for 24 years, the longest of any president in club history.

Olejniczak would head the search committee that hired Vince Lombardi as coach and general manager in 1959. Originally elected to the board of directors in 1950, Olejniczak won a special election the following year to fill a vacancy on the executive committee. He was elected one of two vice presidents in 1954 and then was elevated to executive vice president in 1957.

Under his watch as president, the Packers’ net worth – value of stock proceeds plus accumulated earnings – multiplied by more than 50 times, from just under $300,000 to almost $15 million, and the capacity of what is now Lambeau Field grew by almost 25,000.

Following his 24-year tenure as team president, Olejniczak in 1982 was appointed chairman of the board and served in that capacity until 1989.
Dominic Olejniczak
Photo credit: Unknown