Moment 76 Monday Night Miracle

Monday Night Miracle
Photo credit: AP / Mike Roemer
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November 06, 2000

In the driving rain in overtime on a Monday night, Antonio Freeman catches a pass flat on his back and gets up to run in for a 43-yard game-winning touchdown to beat the Vikings at Lambeau Field, 26-20.

Minnesota was on the verge of winning at the end of regulation, lining up for a 33-yard field goal with just 8 seconds left. But holder Mitch Berger bobbled the wet snap, and his ill-advised pass downfield was intercepted, sending the game to overtime.

The Packers won the toss and took the ball, reaching midfield on a 22-yard pass from Brett Favre to Bill Schroeder to convert third-and-9. Three plays later, on third-and-4, Freeman stunned everyone by not allowing Favre’s deflected pass to hit the ground, despite the receiver himself sliding uncontrollably on the slippery turf.

When he got up and ran to the end zone, no one knew for sure if it was really a touchdown, but it was, and the Packers had their first overtime victory in four years (the previous one also coming on a Monday night, against San Francisco, in 1996).
Monday Night Miracle
Photo credit: AP / Darren Hauck