Moment 1 The Beginning

1919 Team
Photo credit: Stiller-Lefebvre Collections
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August 11, 1919

The Packers are founded during a meeting in the dingy second-floor editorial rooms of the old Green Bay Press-Gazette building. The newspaper provided no prior announcement nor follow-up, and nobody documented who or how many attended.

Two days later, the newspaper reveals the Indian Packing Co. would sponsor the team and refers to it for the first time as the “Packers,” also announcing that home games would be played at Hagemeister Park.

One day after that, at a second Press-Gazette meeting, 25 players attend, and co-founders Curly Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun are named captain and manager, respectively. Lambeau was a former star at Green Bay East High School who played on Knute Rockne’s first team at the University of Notre Dame in 1918, while Calhoun was the great-grandson of Daniel Whitney, founder of the city of Green Bay. Calhoun also was city editor of the Press-Gazette.